Monday, November 28, 2011


 bissap or better still sobolo, a beverage brewed in the ghanaian pot is competing with internationally acclaimed soft drinks
 the drink is doing so well on the market even without any advertisement.

 daniel lartey finds out why the rush for sobolo.
Sobolo has certainly has come to add to other locally brewed drinks such as pito, asana, tose and palm wine.
 But local as it may seem, it seem to be competing favorably with other international brands such as  coca cola, Sprite, muskatella and Tampico considering the level of patronage it is receiving lately.

the drink  is prepared from the dried calyces of the hibiscus flower, and is best when served chilled.

the hibiscus flower, a major raw material for the preparation comes in handy and  relatively affordable as it sell at ghc 50 pesewas  per margarine tin at the nima market.

 perhaps, this explains why the drink is that economical.

bentu Ibrahim has been brewing sobolo for over three years.

She told us that she extracts the juice from the flower through boiling and allowing it to ferment over night.

the juice is then strained and poured into another container where she adds blended pineapple, blended ginger and flavoring to give it that special taste.

a second straining is done to finally extract the coarse.

the drink is now ready to be served.

however, packaging posed a big challenge, as it is mostly sold in recycled bottles.

 but bentu explained,  this  is due to a lack of capital to purchase unused bottles

some patrons say they prefer sobolo because it controls malaria and reduces cholesterol

but have our health authorities sanctioned it as wholesome?
dr apori however urged the health sector to take interest and research into the content of sobolo. Adding, it may be a breakthrough in treating other diseases.

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